Prince Edward Market

This place has several names according to different people I've spoken to. The actual street is Fa Yuen Street - but that can be confusing to taxi drivers and Concierges because there are two parts to that street.

The 150 yard section of the street I am referring to starts South of Prince Edward Road West. Directions and map here.

The actual market has a mixture of stalls selling everything from European factory stocklot children's clothing, fake designer bags, real designer bags, silk, American mens and womenswear, label sportswear, tshirts and the like. The prices are more expensive than say, Bangkok, but if you look hard on the market, you can sometimes pick up some great deals.

Shops and market open 11am to 8pm or later. Personally, I avoid lunchtimes and Sundays just because it's busy.

Behind the market stalls are a collection of shops. Some are very obviously catering to the local teenage market (and if you want clubwear - this is the place), but other shops stock factory end of runs, seconds and samples of European, American and Australian labelled clothing. Some of which that I've seen lately are: JCrew, Anne Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Country Casuals, Jones New York, NY & Co., Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren (watch for fakes), Eddie Bauer, Monsoon, etc etc

My suggestions for a shopping spree here are:

Bring a large bag, preferably on wheels or a backpack.

Cash only.

Take a bottle of water.

Toilets are in Ikea (next to their check-out which is on the 2nd floor in the large pink/glass building you see opposite the B2 Exit of MTR. It's the only place around there. Hate to mention it (and you'll thank me), but take your own tissue!!

Keep your hand on your wallet/bag - it's a crowded area.

Note you cannot try on in most of these shops. Bring a list of measurements. Most shops have tape-measures to check items - don't rely on size labels.

The Flower Market is on the opposite end of Fa Yuen Street, across Prince Edward Road West - take the camera as it is so colourful in the midst of commercial old Hong Kong.

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