Below are some 'off the beaten track' areas that you may wish to explore and shop:

Please visit the HKTA website for directions to the more well-known shopping places such as Stanley Market, The Lanes in Central and Granville Road. Note that prices in the tourist and more well-known districts will be substantially higher than 'local' shopping areas. Be wary of some of the electronics and camera shops in Nathan Road - make sure you have done your product and price research before you venture in to these places! Also watch that the product you think you purchased is what's in the box that they give you. Cameras in the more professional shops in Stanley Street, Central, display prices in the windows and seem to be more of an honest bunch to deal with. Do your homework on prices before you come and always ask for an international guarantee.

If you have a complaint about being ripped-off in any Hong Kong shop, you can whinge via email at the Consumer Council - be warned, the site is as slow and confusing to navigate as can be expected from a Gov't department. However, the department itself is very efficient and will do its utmost to settle any dispute.

Public Holidays in HK usually mean an increase in crowds in shopping areas and only at Chinese New Year will you notice that some shops and market places will be closed. The main malls stay open 365 days a year from around 11am up to 11pm in some places.

Designer Label Clothing/Factory Outlets:
In the mid-1990's Hong Kong lost its reputation as a bargain-hunter's paradise. Although the Asian economic crisis in the last few years has brought hardship to many people here, it has at least given tourists and locals a better deal in the local shops. The main shopping malls globally (including Hong Kong) are becoming the same as every other shopping mall in any developed city with the same universal shops.

Although this is a welcome development for HK residents who can now buy almost anything here that is available around the world, a visitor is only likely to find a bargain in these places during one of the major Sales held in July/August nd January/February each year (this is only my personal opinion). Of course, Hong Kong is a Duty Free city, so for some visitors it may be cheaper to shop here at any time for certain items. Important Note.

Prince Edward - Street Market/Flower Market and great Export Label shopping.

Factory Outlets Hong Kong is still a garment manufacturing hub and despite the fact that many of the factories are now in China, factory outlets can still be found in various places here, selling all the famous European and US brands at bargain basement prices. I will do my best to keep details on outlets listed updated, but please call them first to make sure. For other type of outlets (furniture/warehouse shopping), come back again soon or email me and I'll let you know when I have the information posted. Lots more places to be added soon!
PS: If you're going to Macau for the day, there are some great outlet bargains to be found. Try the clothes shops in Largo do Senado, the main square, or the market stalls on the left off the beginning of the square from the main road Av. Almeida Ribeiro. Macau page coming soon to this site - It's one of my favourite places. Meanwhile go to the Macau Tourist Site.

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