Hong Kong Weather: This is the place to go when there's a typhoon in the area and no English information on the TV that makes any sense (a frequent occurence in typhoon season May to October). Also check out the Weather discussion board on this site - it really hots up when something out of the ordinary happens on the weather front and those boys really know their stuff! www.underground.org.hk

Hong Kong's favourite horse racing site for the latest news and tips, go to www.horseracing.com.hk

Hong Kong Financial markets information is all here: www.e-finet.com

Yellow Pages here: www.yp.com.hk

And other Phone Directories here: www.hkt.com

A great Hong Kong map resource for all visitors or for that ellusive building you need to find by lunchtime: http://www.hkcitymap.com

HK Tourist Association www.hkta.org or email: info@hkta.org

For more HK info and a plethora of information for world travellers, visit the HK section of www.budgettravel.com